Thanks to a specialised workforce kept continuously up to date, O.ME.C. can carry out electrical and mechanical maintenance operations, supplying not only labour but also all the spare parts required to restore the functions of machines and systems.
The spare parts requested can be standard-supplied or custom-made, produced as a series or as individual pieces.
Below are some of the work environments in which we operate:

- At high altitudes
- In restricted spaces
- In ATEX areas
- In high-temperature environments


Revamping Outdated Machines and Production Lines

Some examples of Revamping Production Lines:

- Reviewing process balancing and the mechanical, electrical and control adjustment of lines (usually after introducing a new product line)

- Replacing worn out mechanical systems with new systems to increase production and output.
Systems are revamped in order to optimize and/or recover an existing system.
A great deal of expertise and know-how are involved, especially for large-scale systems or those that use special technologies and sensitive materials.
While in business, O.ME.C. has acquired extensive experience in Revamping processes and integrating Production Lines, researching custom-made solutions equipped with automated systems.